Autumn art & Pumpkin Craft


Autumn art & Pumpkin craft

This month students of our school attended a  school party called
utumn art & Pumpkin craft.

From the beginning to the last Friday of October willing students from classes 1-3 and 4-6 solved exercises and crosswords about autumn.

The celebrations started in the third week of October. On the school playground's square some students who organised the Aa&Pc made a maze from colourful leaves. Younger alumnus of our school were trying to pass the maze. All students were having a great time.

On 26th it was the main celebration. On that day on every break on the corridor we could win a voucher for a plus in English ,spinning the wheel of fortune and answering the question.
At 9:15 chosen students from classes took part in Vocabulary Competition.
At 10:45 it was the parade on the gym. First, we sang the guiding song
'Autumn leaves are falling down' and 'Scarecrow song'. Then, there was an Autumn bowling competition and Pumpkin walk. After that, classes solved crosswords. At the end of the party we sang songs again and we came back to our classes.

In summary Autumn art & Pumpkin craft was a great party. All students were having a good time. Everybody enjoyed it so much so that the queue on the hall to Autumn exercises did not have the end.

Jakub Binger class VIB

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